Lot Owner FYI

  • Please remember, by choosing to be an "owner" here in the park, you've chosen to be bound by the legal documents and processes that govern it's existence.  It is each owner's responsibility to read and understand the park's Covenants, Bylaws and Park Rules, as well as the PUD lease.  While you should have received a hard copy of these documents when you bought your property, they can also be be found on this site under Member Documents.  They'll provide you with the background needed to understand why things are the way they are here, and how your knowledge and involvement in our community matters.  The more that owners understand how the park is legally bound to operate, the better off (and happier) we'll all be over the long run.  Thanks for doing your part.

  • Note On Lot Numbers - The blue number plates that were affixed to all lots upon renegotiation of the lease in 2015 must remain clearly visible.  These were mandated by the Fire Marshall for uniform address identification for first responders and law enforcement, and are not optional.  Owners will be charged for replacements if signs are removed.