ACC Documents

As stated in our recorded Protective Covenants, lot owners are required to obtain ACC approval for all projects before proceeding.  The process of notifying the ACC is easy.  Here's how it works:

  1. Fill out a CRESCENT BAR LEASEHOLDER IMPROVEMENT PROJECT CHECKLIST and deliver it to Wendi Hillard (Lot 158) [email protected]), or Kevin Hepworth (Lot 165) [email protected]  or Henk Schols (Lot 137) [email protected] and the HOA Secretary ([email protected]).
  2. The ACC will review your project and inform you of next steps.
  3. If your project includes ground disturbance, there may be a fee if your lot has not had a cultural survey in the past, or if it has not yet paid the $750 survey fee described in the Ground Disturbance Process document below.

Thanks for doing your part to keep your lot and the park in compliance on these important matters.

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